Rockin’ & Talkin’ – Ways to work on personal happiness

Zee Chevalier's monthly column about what's happening with the Clinton Seniors Association.

January dreams its heart in snow, twirling, swirling, off the flakes go, powdering the earth in white on this sparkling winter’s night.

-Emma Payne

A new year, a clean slate, as it were, new beginnings. What will you do? What will you achieve this year?

In 2015 I gave you a year of ideas for self-improvement in many areas of your life. Perhaps you adopted some of those ideas and they produced results so you’ll carry on with more of the same.

Whatever you do, be kind to yourself. Stay safe and healthy. A faithful reader submitted these observations as a follow up to the December column and my thoughts about happiness. Thanks to Rob.

Happiness is a tough goal to achieve. Many people pursue happiness only to find that they never quite reach it. There is always something more to want, something bigger or better or newer.  We are in a very materialistic world.

Really, the only way to get happiness is to give it away. Provide friends, families, strangers, coworkers with some of your time and good energy. If you see a need somewhere, fill it. Give away a smile, a handshake or a hug. Have people over for dinner, help shovel a walkway, split some firewood, paint a fence, you know what I am talking about.

And do it gladly. Do not feel like you are burdening yourself. You are not obligated but you should be wanting to do good things. It’s a pleasure to be a good person. So quit pursuing happiness. Give it away and let it pursue you.

Clinton seniors and guests had an enjoyable Christmas party on Dec. 8. In lieu of a gift exchange, members make a donation of money.  Some guests contribute as well. Names are in for a draw. The person whose name is drawn chooses a charity to be the recipient of the total amount contributed.

This year Sandi Burrage was happy to send $270 to Children’s Hospital in the name of the Clinton Seniors Association.  Well done!  Thank you all!

Colleen Thom, RN, will be at the Clinton Seniors Centre, 217 Smith Avenue,  January 14 and 15 for the Foot Care Clinic.  To discuss your foot care needs or to book an appointment call 1-250-819-1632.

Seniors will meet for lunch Jan. 7 at the Cordial.

Next regular General meeting is Jan. 21 at the Clinton Seniors Centre, 217 Smith Avenue.  Come and join us! Annual membership fee is $15.

Happy New Year to all and Happy Birthday greetings to Zee Chevalier Jan. 29.

None are so old as those who have outlived enthusiasm.

–  Henry David Thoreau

Zee Chevalier