Members of the Sage and Sands Pony Club learning how to care for their horse.

Members of the Sage and Sands Pony Club learning how to care for their horse.

Sage and Sands Pony Club ready to start again

Registration is now open for the pony club, where participants learn all about looking after their four-legged friends.

Marcie Down

The Sage and Sands Pony Club is back! After a year off (not really; we actually joined the Thompson Valley Pony Club for the year), we will be taking registrations for the Sage and Sands Pony Club. This is for those who are aged seven and up who love horses and ponies, and would like to learn every aspect of caring for a four-legged friend.

Some of the things we have done, and will continue to do, include participating in local parades, developing and honing our riding, working on personal and pony/horse grooming and stable management skills, and fundraising to go to events like quizzes, rallies, championships, and youth conferences, as well as meet many new friends.

The Sage and Sands Pony Club is part of the Canadian Pony Club, which is committed to the vision of providing the opportunity for every child in Canada to have a positive experience with horses. This is done by providing opportunities for education; by teaching responsibility, sportsmanship, and good citizenship; and by enjoyment of, or competitive success with, horses.

A pony club member practices jumping skills. Photo by Marcie Down.

We work hard and play hard. Our members learn teamwork, and the value of cleaning tack, paddocks, and our mounts, as well as staying safe and above all having fun!

We are extremely fortunate to have a wonderful mentor and coach, Sloane Hammond, who has achieved her “A” level in pony club and has more than 40 years’ experience with horses. Her knowledge is extensive, and she is well respected in the pony club community.

We are also very fortunate to live in a very caring and supportive community. We would like to thank the many kind folks who have donated bottles and cans for our drives, and to Second Time Around for their support.

If you would like more information about registering for the Sage and Sands Pony Club, please contact me (Marcie Down, district commissioner) at (778) 207-6957 between 5 and 8 p.m.