Seniors’ Harvest Bazaar numbers were down but profits were up

Seniors’ Harvest Bazaar numbers were down but profits were up

Seniors’ Centre taking a small break over the Christmas season but will be back in the New Year

By Lois Petty

The Ashcroft-Cache Creek Seniors’ Centre members met on Nov. 21, to look back at our Harvest Bazaar and to look forward to Christmas dinner at the Legion on Dec. 12.

Before the meeting began Irene Truman, one of those beautiful people I spoke about before who join the Seniors’ Centre simply to help, rose up and said she wouldn’t be able to help anymore. Her back was protesting too loudly.

There was a sad silence that followed her gracious retirement speech.

After the old business, minutes, and reports were concluded and before new business began, someone stood up and said she wished to speak about Irene and all her years of quiet, efficient, pleasant, and smiling work. She said she remembered her from 12 years ago, when she went to her first “Over 80” Luncheon. What a wonderful event that was—Irene helped make it happen. Everyone was happy that someone got up and said what everyone was feeling and thinking.

We had our second visitor from Ashcroft council, which is a very daring thing to do as the Village is our landlord. We had a very spirited discussion on the problems in the kitchen, including its size. Irene said that with two people inside, the area was crowded.

I wrote about all the wonders of our Harvest Bazaar and decided to leave some of the details until next year to encourage you to come. The number of people who came this year was slightly lower than last year, but our profit was slightly higher, due possibly to all the delicious yumyums on our baking table.

After Bingo on the 21st, Bingo will be done until Jan. 5, 2020. Bridge will be closed from Monday, Dec. 21 until Jan. 6.

Have a Merry Christmas, everyone, from your bustling-with-activity Seniors’ Centre.

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