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‘Thank you for being so welcoming’ says The Revd. Linda LaGroix

By The Revd. Linda LaGroix
The Revd. Linda LaGroix, who was recently installed as the priest at St. Alban’s Anglican Church in Ashcroft. (Photo credit: Alice Durksen)

By The Revd. Linda LaGroix

Well, I have been here in Ashcroft since the beginning of April, and am thoroughly enjoying getting to know my new community. My husband and I have found accommodation here and I am settling into the life of a priest as he figures what is next for him.

On June 5, after having been ordained as a new priest on May 29, we celebrated my installation as the priest at St. Alban’s, with visitors from the community as well.

St. Alban’s is an interesting Anglican church established in 1891. It has been, and continues to be, served by a part-time priest as an amazingly integral part of Ashcroft. It was built by the early Ashcroft community, and there has been 130 years of relationship between the local area and St. Alban’s. I am thrilled to continue in this close relationship.

The church has services each Sunday at 10 a.m. that are open to the community, with a combination of Holy Communion and Morning Prayer services. There is also an active prayer group that meets Monday mornings to pray for the needs of Ashcroft and the surrounding areas. The church hall provides meeting space for several weekly groups.

It is also the site of Soup’s On. On Fridays, St. Alban’s provides an opportunity for groups and individuals to have a meal, socialize, and help build a sense of community in a meaningful manner for the future of our village and beyond. The meal is open to anyone who would like to enjoy a delicious lunch with a variety of soups, fresh buns, salad, fruit, and treats, and all that is asked is that visitors provide a donation to help pay for the food.

The hall fills with laughter and stories as people meet their friends and share fellowship. We have visitors who take the bus down from Clinton and Cache Creek, and dedicated visitors who come from throughout the valley, all served by teams who prepare and share the meal.

It has been my honour to attend, help out, and meet many people over these past two months, listening to their stories and getting to know the community. I look forward to becoming more involved and getting to know more people as I build relationships here. Thank you for being so welcoming, and I look forward to meeting you in person.

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