The day the lights went on in Ashcroft

Ashcroft and friends celebrate BC Heritage Week on March 3.

“Energy in BC: A Powerful Past, a Sustainable Future” is the theme of this year’s Heritage Week (Feb. 20-26), and Ashcroft’s heritage committee has planned an afternoon to mark how energy has shaped our community over the past century.

Man, horse, water, and coal deposits, all have played a part in providing Ashcroft with energy.

Hear how the acquisition of electrical power in 1898 changed the life of its citizens. Which business in Ashcroft was the first to be provided with lights? Prizes will be awarded to the person that can provide the answer to this question, as well as other trivia regarding power!

Enjoy an afternoon of photos, artifacts, entertainment and displays as the Ashcroft Heritage Committee teams up with a group of local entertainers, BC Hydro, and Fortis to share an enlightening afternoon!

Also joining us will be a representative of Riverside Energy Systems to provide information regarding Ashcroft’s latest source of power – the Sun.

Please join us Saturday, March 3, from 2-4 pm at the Ashcroft Community Hall.  Refreshments provided.