David Stoddart student Abby McIlravey who — along with several fellow students — raised more than 100 pounds of food donations for the Clinton food bank. (Photo credit: Facebook)

David Stoddart student Abby McIlravey who — along with several fellow students — raised more than 100 pounds of food donations for the Clinton food bank. (Photo credit: Facebook)

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The spirit of giving was alive and well in Clinton in December

Colourful Christmas

If you happened to walk along the snowy streets of Clinton in December, or drive through the community after darkness fell, you may have noticed the many displays of colourful, twinkling lights and brightly decorated Christmas trees throughout town.

Clinton looked particularly “Christmassy” this year, thanks to a collaborative effort to bring the Christmas Light-up event to life with more vigour than ever. Volunteers from the Clinton and District Community Forest cut and hauled more than 20 trees into the Village this holiday season to help the community participate in the light-up event.

The trees—a mixture of spruce, fir, and pine—were distributed throughout the business community by the Clinton CiB Beautification Society, and some businesses even set up two trees.

Holiday spirit abundant this season

Not only was the Village of Clinton decorated with depictions of holiday spirit this past December; there were also many acts of kindness displayed throughout the community. From snow-filled driveways mysteriously shovelled by anonymous good-doers to many local donations at the food bank, the spirit of giving was alive and well in Clinton.

David Stoddart School held another successful food drive in December and donated more than 100 pounds of food to the local food bank for Christmas. DSS students also delivered turkey dinner to senior residents of the Clinton Villa after inviting many additional community members to attend lunch and watch the winter concert at their school.

The community even pulled together to help a local family this holiday season by fundraising over $1,000 for their immediate needs. Locals at Integris Credit Union and Insurance set up a gift-basket fundraiser for Nichole Frowd, who was recently hospitalized in Vancouver due to complications with her pregnancy.

“I’m absolutely lost for words right now,” wrote Frowd in a Facebook thread announcing the final total raised through the community fundraiser. “Thank you all so much! Not only for the donations but for all the love and support! It’s amazing how our small town has come together to help us during this difficult time. Thank you.”

Marty Grinder was the winner of the Christmas basket, which raised $1,024.75 for the Frowd family, who have also set up a GoFundMe account.

Walking in the New Year

Beginning on Monday, Jan. 6, 2020, the Clinton and District Adult Walking Group will provide free access to indoor walking for adults on Mondays and Wednesdays at the Clinton Memorial Hall from 10 a.m. to noon.

The program is intended for adults and seniors who want to walk indoors for health reasons or who simply wish to socialize. Clinton’s Community Paramedic Diana Guerin will be available on Wednesdays to answer participants’ exercise, nutrition, and health questions.

Participants are encouraged to join each day for as long as they can, and to bring clean indoor shoes to wear while walking. Anyone with questions about the group can call Charlene at (250) 459-2759 or Yvette at (250) 212-5506.

Tai Chi for Seniors

Alice Crosson will host “Tai Chi for Seniors” in Clinton this New Year beginning on Wednesday, Jan. 8. at 11 a.m.

Tai Chi is a popular exercise trend for seniors, and includes slow movements with footwork choreographed by an experienced leader. Participants learn to breathe correctly, and concentrating on each movement helps to relieve stress. Deep breathing and focusing can help improve balance, which can also prevent falls and age-related injuries.

Tai Chi for Seniors will be held in the Clinton Memorial Hall at the same time that the Adult Walking Group sessions will be taking place. More information will be available in the New Year.

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