UCW making plans for Easter

The monthly meeting report from Zion's United Church Women.

Nine ladies were present at our March 5th meeting of Zion’s United Church Women. Instead of our usual Devotional, Reta Robertson led us in prayers for one of our long time members and her family, who is very ill in the Kamoops’ hospital. We ended this prayer time with The Lord’s Prayer.

We then carried on with the business part of the meeting and accepted the agenda with the additionof more correspondence. The Minutes were approved as corrected.

Old Business was attended to and an evaluation of the Friendship Tea was noted as being successful and a fun time for all. We discussed and finalized plans for the 67th Bean Supper on March 11.

We hosted the World Day of Prayer with the help of the Anglican congregation and it was fairly well attended. This service was prepared by the women’s group in France.

Correspondence was dealt with next. We received an update about a silent retreat at Naramata in April. First United in Vancouver sent a lengthy report of their statistics on the work done there, and all that is being done to help the homeless people of East Vancouver. We help support their work. Also, we received some thank you notes from Action International for our support of Carmen Salacsacan and her missionary work in Mexico. The residents of Garden Oasis at our local hospital sent a thank you for the cards we provide for their use at Christmas, Valentine’s Day and Easter. The Centre for Christian Studies in Winnipeg where our student minister has bee attending from time to time sent a thank you for our gift to their facility.

Reports were then received – a written one from our treasurer Reta Robertson, and four oral ones: Sunshine, Archives, Publicity and Outreach. Reta stated she received quite a few Campbell soup labels and some used stamps. A big thank you goes out to all of you who keep providing us with these items to help with Christian work. Our church will be hosting Soups On April 19 as the Anglican hall will be in use for the annual Art Show.

Easter cards will be provided for the residents of Garden Oasis and need to be given to Reta by March 17. Easter is early this year.

Our next meeting will be April 9, one week later than usual because of some ladies being away. If any ladies would like to come to a meeting as a visitor or would like to join, you would be most welcome.

We enjoyed some refreshments at our break time. We closed with the UCW prayer.

Phyllis Gray