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Unicorn myth dispelled for some Halloween fun in Bella Coola

Lexi Gunderson, 11, added some special features to her horse Ocean
Bella Coola Valley resident Lexi Gunderson transformed her horse Ocean into a unicorn for Halloween this year. (Photo submitted)

For a few days there has been a unicorn in the Bella Coola Valley because of the imagination of a child.

Lexi Gunderson, 11, dressed her horse Ocean up as a unicorn on the weekend after her riding instructor invited her to a Halloween event.

“All the kids loved her,” Lexi said of Ocean and her attire.

“She had shiny hooves, a coloured mane, a tail and a unicorn horn.”

Lexi said they spent the day doing games, hanging out with horses and so much more.

On Halloween from 4 to 7 p.m. the Bella Coola RCMP are inviting children to visit the detachment.

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