United in Spirit – Bean Supper plans are underway

The monthly report from the Ashcroft United Church Women.

Our first meeting of 2016 began at 2:30 instead of 2 pm to accommodate one member who couldn’t be there by 2 pm. Eight ladies were present in spite of the new fallen snow of a couple of inches.

Since we didn’t have elections in November, Reta Robertson acted as president and welcomed everyone. She lead the devotional with a Bible reading from 1st Thessalonians chapter 5 verses 11-23. These verses were to give encouragement to each one and to seek to do good. We need to give Thanks in Everything and to hold fast to what is good. Reta closed with a UCW prayer of encouragement and Thanksgiving.

Elections were then held, resulting in Reta as president, Jacklin Desrosiers as secretary, Shirley Dobson as treasurer, Dorothy Pears doing sunshine, Phyllis Gray publicity, Hilda Drinkwater archives and Reta for outreach.

We repeated the UCW purpose together next. The agenda was approved as presented and the November and short December minutes were accepted as written.

The Inter Church Bazaar and Church Family Christmas Social were evaluated.

Correspondence was then dealt with and we received a newsletter from First United Church Community Ministry Society, an email from a student minister, news from Carmen Salacsacan and the Perspective magazine from Vancouver School of Theology, all thanking us for our support.

Reports were given next and Colleen Mireau handed out her treasurer’s report which was accepted. Verbal reports were given by Dorothy Pears for sunshine, Phyllis Gray for publicity, Hilda Drinkwater for archives and Reta Robertson for outreach. Our church will be hosting Soups On Feb. 12 at the Anglican Church Hall.

We then paused for refreshments and fellowship time.

New Business brought us back to order – a statistics for will have to be filled out soon. A reminder of the allocation for the national UCW will be accepted at the next meeting. The date for our 70th Bean Supper was set for March 14, so watch for posters and a reminder in the Ashcroft Journal’s Coming Events. Also, year-end reports for Zion’s annual meeting need to be handed in soon.

Our next meeting will be Tuesday, Feb. 2 at 2:30. Jacklin volunteered to lead the Devotional and acklin and Phyllis will provide refreshments and do the clean up. The meeting adjourned just after 4 pm.

If any ladies are interested in our work and would like to come as a visitor or join us, they would be most welcome. Have a safe, happy and healthy 2016 to everyone.

Phyllis Gray