United in Spirit – Provincial fellowship and community work

The monthly column from the Ashcroft Zion United Church Women.

Eight ladies were present at the May 5 meeting of the Zion United Church Women. President Reta Robertson welcomed everyone and thanked them for giving of their time to the work of the United Church Women and the church. We repeated the UCW Purpose together.

Jacklyn Desrosiers led us in the Devotional taken from the book Earth Gospel by Sam Hamilton Poore. The scripture was Ps. 108:4,5 and Joel 2:21-24. Be glad and rejoice in the Lord – he helps all things to grow, trees blooming and producing fruit and grass greening again. She read a prayer by Chief Dan George who sees beauty in all things. Jacky closed with a prayer.

The agenda was accepted. The April minutes approved as circulated.

Reta handed out a format for the worship service the UCW will be doing on June 14. Parts will be assigned at the June meeting.

Many pieces of correspondence were noted – A newsletter “First Things First” from First United Church in Vancouver about their work – updates from Carmen Salacsacan our missionary friend – a new lot of Daily Bread booklets for June to August and an address for donations  to help with the earthquake situation in Nepal. At this time we paused for prayers for the victims there.

Reports came next – Colleen Mierau, treasurer handed out her financial report which we accepted as printed. Dorothy Pears gave her Sunshine update; Phyllis Gray reported on Publicity and Hilda Drinkwater stated the latest on Archives and said she had put up some new pictures. Reta reported for Outreach – many Campbell labels had bee given to Reta and a few used stamps. These items help with Christian work elsewhere. The labels must have the name Campbell and the bar code fully intact. Thank you to all who save these for us and turn them in. The United Church group will be hosting Soups On June 12 at the Anglican church hall.

At this time we paused for refreshments and fellowship.

New Business – Lynn Lancaster and Jacklyn Desrosiers attended the BC UCW conference in April and Jacklyn gave us an interesting account of speakers topics and time there. The thee was “what kind of house will you build?” and a guest speaker was the Very Right Reverend The Honorable Lois M. Wilson who sister Marg Cummings and family lived in Ashcroft for a while a few years ago.

A new quick action opening door was installed at the entrance to our church hall so new keys were handed out to those who need them.

Our next meeting will be June 2 at 2 pm in our church hall and devotional leader will be Joyce Freeman and two ladies volunteered to look after refreshments. The meeting was adjourned and we stood and closed with the UCW Benediction.

If any ladies are interested in our work and would like to come as a visitor or join us you would be most welcome.

Phyllis Gray