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Williams Lake centenarian celebrated

Joyce McCann joined friends and family at Glen Arbor Sunday, Feb. 4 for a surprise party
Glen Arbor resident Joyce McCann listens as Mayor Surinderpal Rathor reads a certificate from the city congratulating her on her 100th birthday, Sunday, Feb. 4. (Monica Lamb-Yorski photo - Williams Lake Tribune)

Surrounded by family and friends, Joyce McCann celebrated her 100th birthday in Williams Lake on Sunday, Feb. 4.

McCann lives at Glen Arbor where people gathered to surprise her.

She had not wanted a big party, but when she saw a room filled with people she reacted with a big smile and a few tears.

“I have a hard time hearing so it makes it difficult,” she told the Tribune as to why she had been hesitant about a party.

Mayor Surinderpal Rathor presented her with a bouquet of flowers and a certificate on behalf of the city.

He also gave her a hug and said there aren’t too many people who reach their 100th year birthday.

McCann’s daughter-in-law Eileen McCann and granddaughter Dawn Unruh, helped prepare a spread of food and beverages.

There was also a tierra and a sash for McCann to wear with the words “100 and Fabulous” embossed on it and the wall behind a huge birthday cake had many photographs depicting some of her personal history.

Born in Hexham on Tyne, Northumberland in England, she moved to Williams Lake with her late husband John.

Their son Roy, who passed away in 2011, had moved to the lakecity and after visiting him a few times they decided to join him as he was their only child.

One of her relatives at the birthday party said normally when a person from England turns 100 they receive a letter from the Queen of England, something that did not happen for McCann.

With the news of King Charles III being treated for undisclosed cancer, perhaps that practice has gone amiss?

When Glen Arbor opened, McCann was one of the first residents.

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