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Doc and MD prescribe some healing music at Packing House

The Packing House presents Doc MacLean & Morgan Davis. No doubt it will be a night to remember of music and storytelling. Head on down to Spences Bridge for a dose of healin’ music – Delta Blues style on Friday, Nov. 2. Dinner starts from 5:30 pm – music starts at 7 pm. Call 250 458-2256 to reserve your table.

Doc MacLean and Morgan Davis are pleased to report that Canada’s seventh annual biggest little blues tour – The National Steel Blues Emergency Tour – is now almost sold out. The pair started their tour in  September and will  bring their blues ‘medicine’ coast to coast, answering over 60 calls to nine provinces. The semi-acoustic, songs and stories in the round event will conduct its operations in venues Large and Small, Grand and Humble. “We make house calls”, says MacLean. People who like this kind of thing are going to like it a lot! Do you have a Blues Emergency in Your Town? Don’t wait… call now for an appointment… before it’s too late! Feeling good already? Don’t forget this years blues booster shot! Doc MacLean and Morgan Davis (MD) your 2012 Blues Prescription.

An afternoon of Strings includes a violin, a viola, and a cello Nov. 4

Winding Rivers Arts & Performance Society hosts another fabulous Dessert Concert in downtown Ashcroft. Mark your calendars for a matinee with Infinitus – 2 pm on Sunday, Nov. 4 at St Albans Hall –  501 Brink St. You can purchase your advance tickets at the Ashcroft Bakery, Natures Gifts or at our new location, the Ashcroft Liquor store. There will be tickets available at the door as well for slightly more. For more information or to reserve via phone, please call 250 453-9100.

Infinitus is a string trio known for their unique sound and upbeat performance style. With  programs that feature polished Classical works and original Jazz, Latin and Hip-Hop arrangements/compositions, audiences can expect a fun and interactive concert experience! It’s amazing the musical concoctions these three award-winning musicians can cook up with just a violin, viola, cello and some vocalizations.

In the Fall of 2008, Infinitus was formed, as a dynamic trio, with John “Adidam” Littlejohn on Violin, and twins Alex and Anthony Cheung on Cello and Viola, respectively. The members hold degrees from the University of Michigan and the Peabody Conservatory and have won numerous awards at the local, national, and international level.

When deciding on the name of the group, Anthony sat down with a Latin dictionary. After a 3-hour search, he settled on the name “Infinitus” – (pronounced in-FIN-uh-tus) the Latin root for the word “Infinity”. This name now personifies the group, as they strive to remove all musical and technical barriers often associated with stringed instruments.

The group has been broadcast on OMNI/CityTV, Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC), and National Public Radio (NPR), and are co-directors of the Vancouver Chamber Players. They are on faculty at the Saint James Music Academy, the Thrive City String Academy, the Thrive City String Boot Camp, and the Vancouver Academy of Music.  Infinitus is dedicated to quality outreach and often performs for schools, nursing homes, hospitals, Native reserves, fundraisers, and correctional facilities. Since 2006, they have performed over 500 outreach concerts throughout North America.

Infinitus will also be performing in Lillooet on Saturday, Nov. 3 at 7:30 pm, presented by the good folks at Lillooet Music. Tickets can be purchased in advance from Created by Design and KC Health in Lillooet. For more information call, 250 256-0614.

WRAP’s local play production coming along..sets, props and costumes

The sets are done! WRAP would like to thank Royden Josephson, Jo Petty, Jim Duncan, Barb Davidge and Jim Noseworthy for getting the sets up and running and beautifully painted. An additional “shout out” to our local fire department for allowing us to paint the sets in their hall – not many places in town that have 10-foot ceilings.

Our local actors are totally off book (that means no layman’s terms) and taking direction beautifully from director Mavourneen Varcoe-Ryan.

The play, A Midsummer Nights Midterm, is set in three worlds: The teenage students telling us the story through their homework assignment in current time, that of the mortals and that of the immortals (Theseus and Hippolita ruling the former and Oberon and Titania ruling the latter). The conflict begins when Puck, Oberon’s fairy assistant of sorts, mistakes his master’s orders.

Here’s where it gets confusing…there are four mortal lovers: Hermia, Helena, Demetrius, and Lysander. You see Hermia loves Lysander. Lysander loves Hermia. Helena love Demetrius. Demetrius loves Hermia. Hermia is betrothed to Demetrius by the will of her father, and will be punished by death or life in a convent if she refuses. So, she and Lysander decide to elope. Upon hearing the news, Helena decides to inform Demetrius of their departure in an attempt to win his love. She follows him into the woods and despite his urging, will not leave him alone. Oberon sees this behavior and commands Puck to use a magical flower called ‘love-in idleness’ to anoint Demetrius’ eyes so that he will return Helena’s love upon waking and seeing her.

Unfortunately, Puck confuses the lovers, and anoints Lysander’s eyes, who wakes and sees Helena. Lysander abandons Hermia in the woods to pursue Helena. Meanwhile, Titania and Oberon (the fairy rulers) are fighting over the possession of a changeling boy. Oberon uses the aforementioned flower to make Titania fall in love with a donkey. When she does so, he takes the boy from her and eventually releases her from the spell. Upon realizing Puck’s mistake, Oberon orders Puck to set things right. He does so….and the play ends in a three-way wedding: Theseus to Hippolita, Hermia to Lysander, and Helena to Demetrius.

Totally confused? You may think that the Shakespeare dialogue might be a stretch for some audiences, but hark! fear not, as the story has a built in ‘Coles Notes’ factor with a clear and often hilarious lines brought to us by the teenage students who are also on stage, helping us, the audience understand the drama as it unfolds.

The production of Midsummer Nights Midterm runs Nov. 15-17 with three evening performances beginning at 7 pm and a matinee on the Saturday at 2 pm at the Ashcroft Community Hall. Entrance is pay-what-you-can. A big thank you to Literacy Now for their contribution to the production. If you would like to be involved backstage send us an email to or phone 250 453-9100.

Book Release for GeoTourism Field Guide

The moment has finally arrived! On behalf of Gold Country, you are all invited to attend the book release of the Gold Country GeoTourism Field Guide Volume II on Nov. 17 at 10 am, downstairs in the Cache Creek Community Hall.

They will be holding a geocaching event where cachers can come to mingle and discuss their latest experiences caching in Gold Country.

Come and meet the writers of the stories, artists and photographers, funders and installers! The video of The First to Find at The Ovens site will be shown  and there will be refreshments served and prizes to be won.

Nadine Davenport