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Why Church?

Peace, Love, Joy, Hope - these words are what church means to me.

Peace, Love, Joy, Hope - these words are what church means to me.

We moved to Ashcroft five years ago and St Alban’s Anglican Church has become our place of worship. The first time I entered it, this small 120 year-old church brought a feeling of peace and of being home. Our former pastor Ken Robinson welcomed us with a huge smile and handshake and a petite, white-haired, soft-spoken lady led the service - everyone knows our Deacon, Lois Petty. The hymns and music played by Molly were beautiful, as they are every Sunday.

The congregation was small when we first came but it continues to grow. After Sunday worship everyone is invited to the hall for coffee, tea and goodies made by the ladies of St Alban’s.

For so many occasions our church family gathers together - the numerous potlucks following different meetings, the garage sales with barbecues, craft nights when the women are preparing for the annual inter-church Bazaar, the church picnics, Bible studies, renovations, cleanups, etc. During these times it is the love and joy that spring up.

There have been times of illness, loss of family members when a phone call, a card, flowers or prayers received from the church family brings peace.

Often sitting in the well-worn pews and gazing at the beautiful stained glass windows, I think of the many families who have been to St Alban’s. They came for Sunday services, baptisms, marriages, Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas and, yes, the final journey home. They, too, I’m sure, felt peace, love and joy.

My hope is that one Sunday you will come and join us and experience church. Hear Rev. Dan Hines’ reflection or one of our Lay Ministers - each and every one of them is wonderful.

Jesus’ words in Romans 5:5 say: “And hope does not disappoint us, because God has poured out his love into our hearts by the Holy Spirit, whom he has given us.”