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Ashcroft RCMP has some tips to help you prevent property theft


Welcome to the Ashcroft RCMP Blog

Through this blog, we are hoping to keep Ashcroft, Cache Creek, and the surrounding communities more informed about our ongoing efforts to serve you all. It is available through the Ashcroft RCMP Media Website, which can be accessed at Here are some recent files of note.

Two suspects identified in theft investigation

On Oct. 29, Ashcroft RCMP were called to the North Ashcroft area by reports of two suspects on a vacant property. Thanks to two members of the public, the suspects were located and identified quickly. A bag containing items stolen from the property was also located and the property was returned to the family. The two suspects were arrested and released pending charge approval from Crown.

Traffic stop leads to expensive day for driver

On Nov. 16, Ashcroft RCMP conducted a traffic stop with a grey Honda Civic in the Cache Creek area. Members identified that the vehicle was uninsured, and that the driver’s licence had expired. The driver was issued multiple violation tickets and the vehicle was towed.

Thought of the day

Property crime affects every community and can be awful to deal with personally. Victims of property crime can often feel unsafe, angry, or even violated. The thought that another person has disregarded you, your family, or your property can be a hard one to contend with.

We all enjoy the fundamental right of security (see Section 7 of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms for full details), and your RCMP detachment works hard to identify and keep tabs on those individuals in our area who may attempt to take away that right through selfish or vindictive actions.

One of the best sources of information we, as the RCMP, receive regarding property crime is reports of suspicious or criminal activity from you, the public. If you have concerns regarding any activity you believe to be criminal in nature, please call us or feel free to stop by the detachment to talk.

There are some key steps you can take to help prevent property crime:

* Report any suspicious or criminal activity by phone, in person at the detachment, or (to remain anonymous) via Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS (8477).

* Don’t just secure your residence overnight; make sure outbuildings are secure as well.

* Don’t leave high-value items where they can be seen easily.

* Keep a log of the serial numbers on items such as tools, TVs, and bicycles, etc. If you have these numbers, and the items are stolen, it makes it a lot easier for us to return your property to you, as well as recommend charges against offenders.

* If you do find yourself a victim of property crime (or any other crime, for that matter), Ashcroft RCMP has Victim Services available, who can support you through your experience.

* On the off-chance that there are any property crime offenders reading this blog: we are aware of you. If you make selfish choices and take away someone’s right to security, we’ll see you soon.