5 ways Red Cross can assist residents in wildfire regions

5 ways Red Cross can assist residents in wildfire regions

Red Cross’ Lise Anne Pierce answers frequently asked questions from those impacted by B.C. wildfires

B.C. has extended a provincial state of emergency until end of day Aug. 18 due to wildfires continuing to burn across the province.

Continuing the state of emergency ensures that federal, provincial and local resources are delivered in a co-ordinated response, according to the province.

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Meanwhile the Canadian Red Cross says they are preparing to be in B.C. communities for weeks to months, assisting returning residents and evacuees.

Canadian Red Cross Lise Anne Pierce answered some of the most frequently asked questions this week:

1. How is the Red Cross helping people currently evacuated?

2. What about residents who get to return home?

3. Do people need to re-register if they need more funds?

4. How do the funds work for residents evacuated for more or less than two weeks?

5. Evacuations have been lifted for majour communities, what’s next?

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