Ashcroft adopts controversial bylaws

Ashcroft Council gives final readings to the utility bylaws that reduce the Seniors Discount from 25 per cent to 10.

Ashcroft Council moved ahead with its controversial bylaws at its Nov. 9 meeting, adopting Bylaw 796 – Sewer Regulations Bylaw; Bylaw 797 Water – Water Regulations Bylaw; and Bylaw 798 – Solid Waste Removal and Disposal Amendments Bylaw.

Coun. Alf Trill voted in opposition to each because of the reduction of the Seniors Discount from 25 per cent to 10 per cent over five years.

Council also adopted Bylaw 799 Water Conservation Bylaw.

Coun. Barb Roden noted that at the public forum last Thursday evening, education seemed to be a big topic on how to achieve conservation.

The Bylaw includes requires to limit watering of yards and gardens in Ashcroft to alternate days. That may change during different stages of drought.

Marijke Stott asked if the Village would stop watering the sports fields during a drought.

“I know of a community that keeps watering their sports field because it takes too long to bring them back if they dry out,” she said at the forum.

Coun. Roden replied that the Village would have to monitor that. She said they already have moisture meters in the park so the sprinklers won’t turn on if it’s raining.

Jim Duncan said he watered his yard and flowers every third day and wondered if that would get him into trouble with the Village. Roden replied he may have to apply for permission.

“The more regulations there are, the more likely they’ll be abuse,” said Monty Downs. He wanted to know why the bylaw had provisions for watering after midnight. “What is gained?” he asked.

“By staggering the water usage, we don’t have to build a big treatment plant because we have to build it to maximum usage,” said Coun. Al Mertens.

At the Council meeting a few days later, Mayor Jack Jeyes noted that the Village of Clinton gave out water conservation packages at the Open House for their new water treatment plant, and one of the things inside was a bag to place in the toilet tank to reduce the amount of water used. He suggested looking at finding more such items.