Ashcroft Candidates – Jessica Clement for Councillor

Jessica Clement is one of six candidates running for Council in Ashcroft.

  • Oct. 30, 2014 8:00 p.m.

1. How long have you lived here? My husband and I chose to make Ashcroft home six years ago.

2. What is your occupation? I’m a wife, mother and active member of our community.

3. Have you done any volunteer work here? Which group(s)? I’ve been with the Ashcroft Fall Fair for seven years, serving as President for the last four. I was a founding member of Winding Rivers Arts and Performance Society and am the current Vice President. I am also part of the Wellness and Music Festival, handling the Kids Tent.

4. Have you served before on a Town Council or School Board? No.

5. Which issues are most important to you? Embracing the Wellness brand; water consciousness; and having an accessible community.

6. How would you address them? We need to take the opportunity to define Wellness for Ashcroft and promote ourselves accordingly. We have Outdoor Adventure, Relaxation, Art, History and Recreation – those are all Wellness.

The Village of Ashcroft needs to lead by example on water conservation. We cannot ask you to change your water habits if we are not willing to do so ourselves.

We need to continue to upgrade sidewalks to be stroller and wheelchair friendly. Our public washrooms need to be made family friendly.

7. Additional comments: As a member of the next generation, I want to have the opportunity to help shape the future of Ashcroft.

Jessica Clement