Ashcroft implements new automated garbage collection on May 1

New truck and new bins - Ashcroft changes its way of collecting trash.

The Village of Ashcroft is preparing to implement a new automated solid waste collection system effective May 1, that includes a new truck with an automated arm, and new curbside containers. This new system will speed up solid waste collection and help reduce injury to operators.

The new collection truck is equipped with an automated arm that will empty residential and commercial garbage containers without the operator leaving the truck.

Under the new system, residents of single family dwellings will no longer be required to provide their own solid waste containers. The Village will issue each residence one durable 250 litre (65 US Gallon) molded plastic container. A second container is available on written request for an additional annual fee. Multi-family dwellings will be provided with 1,135 litre (300 US Gallon) containers. Each container will remain the property of the Village and marked with an individual identification number. Property owners will be charged for the replacement of lost containers or those damaged through negligence.

The Village will be monitoring the costs for solid waste collection under the new system and a review of the current fee structure will be undertaken in the fall of 2012 based on operating data.

For more information please contact the Village Office at 250-453-9161.