Ashcroft investigates dog park proposal

Village of Ashcroft looks into establishing a dog park in the pool park.

Ashcroft Council has instructed staff to review the proposal for a dog park with Public Works staff, the South Cariboo Minor Soccer Association and the Dog Control Officer, and to prepare a report for Council on their findings.

The proposal made by the Dog Park Select Committee is to relocate the three small soccer fields from the northern part of the pool park to the opposite end which is located along Government St.

Administrator Michelle Allen advised Council at the Sept. 14 meeting that there are a number of items that need to be considered including the cost to install a minimum of six foot fencing all along Government St. to reduce the possibility of soccer balls being kicked out of the park and into traffic. The soccer association should be consulted regarding the loss/relocation of the fields. There are additional concerns relating to the relocation of the soccer fields that would have to be investigated.

She said staff also have concerns relating to parking and year around access that also require further investigation.

Chair of the Select Committee, Coun. Barbara Roden added that the group was advised of another potential property above the River Inn. She said the committee has been disbanded but the Village could look into that property.