Ashcroft tax bills not as bad as feared

Ashcroft business and homeowners react - or don't - to a 22 per cent tax increase.

According to the Village of Ashcroft, response to this year’s tax

increase now that notices have gone out  is almost non-existent.

Village treasurer Natalie Aalderink says she didn’t have any

complaints  in the first week of billing, but more residents were

filling out their Homeowners Grant.

She said people were enquiring about their taxes, but they found out

the amount had gone down once they got their notices.

Owner of the Ashcroft Bakery Deb Tuohey said the bakery’s taxes went

up less than $100.

“It’s reasonable to me,” she said, pointing out that insurance has

gone up, coffee prices has gone up, labout costs, gas prices have

risen. She said the tax increase was small by comparison.

Central Cafe owner John Douglas said he understood why taxes went up,

but wishes the Village could have spread it out over time.

“Any increase in cost is hard on business,” he said.

He hasn’t compared his tax notice this year to what he paid last year


Douglas said he’d be happier about a tax increase if the Village was

offering some sort of help to keep businesses open.