From the Ashcroft Council meeting on Jan. 10.

  • Jan. 17, 2011 3:00 p.m.

From the Ashcroft Council meeting on Jan. 10.

Roll Call: Mayor Andy Anderson and councillors Alice Durksen, Jerry Fiddick, Helen Kormendy and Colin Williams.

Speed Limit

Council passed a motion to support Cache Creek’s request to the Province to increase the speed limit on Hwy 1 between the Skeetchestn turnoff and Kamloops to 100 kph from 90.

Councillors Helen Kormendy and Alice Durksen voted against the motion. Both councillors spoke against the motion at their last meeting where it was eventually tabled. Mayor Andy Anderson cast the deciding vote in favour.

Kormendy noted that a letter from Ministry traffic engineer Graeme Cross stated that the Ministry of Transportation would be reviewing the speed limit, since it had been a number of years since the last review. Therefore, she concluded, there was no need to support it.

Anderson said the way he read it, the ministry would review it only if Ashcroft supported it.

Coun. Jerry Fiddick agreed that the wording could be interpreted both ways.

“I think we should support it,” he said.

In his letter, Cross stated that a request for a speed increase in 2001 was turned down “specifically due to eight collisions over a three month perior just prior to receiving their letter.” Also, some residents in Savona were opposed to the increase.

He said the Ministry considers several factors when setting a speed limit – the speed used by at least 85 per cent of motorists, speed collision history, features such as curves, road widths, intersections, etc., land use and motorist’s expectations.

Fiddick observed that “85 per cent of drivers on that highway are already doing 100 or better.”

Coun. Colin Williams said he drove to Kamloops on the Jan. 6 in bad weather, driving at 90 kph and heeded the warnings as marked. He said he found it the speed very slow, even with bad road conditions.

Cache Creek sent the letter to various municipalities in November asking for their support.

Curling Club Roof

Council agreed to forgive the Curling Club’s roof replacement loan of $20,000.

Council met with Curling Club representatives on Dec. 21 to discuss the $20,000 balance owing on the roof loan. It was agreed that the Village’s debt forgiveness would represent the Village’s 50 per cent contribution to the project. The Club has already paid the other $20,000.

Elections Officials

Council passed a motion to appoint CAO Michelle Allen as the Chief Election Officer and CFO Natalie Aalderink as the Deputy Chief Elecion Officer for the upcoming Local Government Election this year.

Allen said with the new changes planned for municipal elections, UBCM recommended that Election Officers be appointed early in the year.

Municipal, TNRD and school board elections will be held later this year on Nov. 19.

Heritage Week

Coun. Kormendy outlined the beginnings of a plan for the afternoon of Feb. 20, to celebrate the heritage of local parks and open spaces.

She said the committee hopes to meet at the hall for a slideshow about Ashcroft parks, and then go on a walking tour with a running commentary about the history and local family involvement in their creation.

Council approved her request for $200 for refreshments.

Sewage Treatment

Administrator Michelle Allen explained a grant application put together by municipal engineers Urban Systems for upgrades to the sewage treatment plant.

The application will be used to obtain a Towns for Tomorrow infrastructure grant for some long needed work at the plant.

Allen told Council that the upgades would reduce the plant’s energy costs and reduce the Village’s carbon footprint.

The work is estimated to cost $575,000. The Village’s share of $175,000 would be covered by their Gas Tax Revenues, Allen said.

Upgrades would include: replacing the air blowers in the building; upgrading the air diffusers and piping; installing computer controls; installing backup power to take over during power outages; installing energy efficient lighting; and increasing ventilation to reduce condensation.

Next Meeting

The next Council meeting is on Jan. 24 at 7 pm.