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Aug. 27: Elephant Hill fire 50 per cent contained

“No new growth to the fire since earlier last week”
The sky as seen on the morning of, Aug. 26. Sharon Stanley photo.

“With the extent of fire perimeter that we have, there’s a lot of areas of this fire that had over the last few weeks extensive work put in so really strong containment lines especially down in the west side and the east sides of the fire. The areas stretching from Cache Creek, Ashcroft, Clinton, those parts of the fire are still parts of the perimeter and they do have really strong containment lines put in place as well as the more recent work we’ve been doing along both sides of the north flank as well as the east and southeast flanks,” says Fire Information Officer for the Elephant Hill fire Claire Allen in regards to the bump to 50 per cent containment.

“In doing a helicopter flight this morning, things are looking really good in those parts where the strong containment lines have been put in place.”

The fire behaviour is fairly quiet in the northern part of the fire with rank 1 and 2 fire behaviour (smouldering ground fire to open surface flame).

“Definitely nothing at this time that suggests that guard lines are being challenged. As of today, the contingency guard around the upper parts of the north east as well as the north west in the Hutchinson Lake area, those guards have been completed. So crews, now that the contingency guard has been put in, crews are working to tight-line the fire with containment lines and still just making great progress in that area.”

There is more active fire behaviour south of the Hihium Lake area, which didn’t get as much precipitation, and it’s fuel finding (burning an unburned green patch within the fire perimeter), says Allen. This is creating a smoke column people from the surrounding area will be able to see, she says.

“It’s still early in the afternoon. We do expect some more smoke throughout the day but crew are working in that area and getting the containment lines protecting throughout there and definitely something we will be monitoring.

“No new growth to the fire since earlier last week.”

People will still see some smoke as hot spots come to life, but they have been infrared scanning in the quieter parts of the fire and are working to target spots close to the perimeter or values in the area, to be prepared for warmer weather and whatever else Mother Nature might throw their way, says Allen.