Cache Creek applies for $5.5 million in grants

Cache Creek looks for infrastructure funding to help with major trail construction and road reconstruction projects.

  • Jun. 11, 2012 8:00 p.m.

Cache Creek Council is once again looking for road reconstruction funding for four of its residential streets. The cost is estimated at $4.5 million.

At its May 28 meeting, Council agreed to apply for UBCM Capital Projects funding under the Gas Tax Agreement Strategic Priorities Fund to finance the design and reconstruction.

The Village can only submit two applications for capital funding. If successful, the grants will contribute up to 100 per cent of the project cost. Council applied for funding under a different program in 2008 but the application was turned down.

Council’s motion originally included only SunValley Cres., Parke Rd. and Maclean Cres. at a cost of $2.662,369, but Old Cariboo Rd. was added before Council voted, bringing the total to $4,452,258.

The road reconstruction includes replacement of water services and storm sewers where required, and installation of pavement, curb, gutter and sidewalks.

The second application is for $928,500 for the “design and construction of walking and bicycling trails and trail amenities that support non-vehicular modes of transportation that will help reduce greenhouse gas emissions.”

The projects are part of the Village’s Parks, Recreation and Trails Master Plan which was adopted in principle earlier in the meeting, with a revised budget.

Implementation of the plan was listed as a Long Term Goal in the Strategic Plan presented by Council in January. The grant, if the application is successful, will design and build the trail system outlined in the Master Plan, which involves crossing the highway and building a pedestrian bridge over the river at a cost of roughly $30,000 to design and $160,000 to build.

“Over $3 million worth of projects,” noted Mayor John Ranta as Council discussed adopting the Master Plan. “I have a hesitation to adopt a plan that has $3 million in projects [without having the funding to back it up]. I wonder how on earth that will happen, and doubt that it will.”

“Only if we have 100 per cent grants,” said Coun. Wyatt McMurray. “I had the same doubts too. I agree – I hate passing global plans without knowing we have the money. Every once in a while they come back to bite you.”