Cache Creek Council candidate Ida Makaro

Incumbent councillor Ida Makaro is seeking another term on Cache Creek Council

  • Nov. 6, 2011 2:00 p.m.

1. I returned to the area after working a few years in Victoria and Vancouver to live in Cache Creek in 1995.

2. Retired

3. Gold Country Society, Ash-Creek TV Society; Cache Creek Emergency Services; Graffiti Days; Canada Day Committee; etc. Anywhere I was needed.

4. I was elected in a by-election in Cache Creek in 1996 and have served continuously on the village council ever since, successfully re-elected in the following five consecutive civic elections.

Also during this time, served for 14 years on the executive of the Southern Interior Local Government, president for two years, and on the executive of the UBCM for four years.

I have also served as the Alternate Director for Cache Creek on the TNRD for a number of terms.

5. A) Health Care and the erosion of services always tops the list!

B) Economic Development and Job Retention & Creation

C) A closer look at transit costs for our communities, particularly the downloaded costs.

D) Explore more opportunities for Aging in Place for our Seniors

E) Improved communication with our taxpayers.

F) The sad, serious and depressing state of empty spaces and buildings in the downtown area.

6. A) Although our Health Care situation has deteriorated to the point of being discouraging, we need to continue to be ever vigilante. Without accessible quality Health Care we have no community.

B) Expand on work already begun, to develop a Short Term and Long Term Vision and Strategic Plan with hard and fast action deadlines in achieving Economic Development, Job Creation and Sustainability for our community and for the area.

C) Our three municipal councils, Ashcroft, Cache Creek and Clinton need to sit down together and decide where we are going with our Transit Service. All (not a select few) of the politicians need to be much more involved and pro-active. A common goal needs to be established and all partners need to be working together. Perhaps the Councils could explore the establishment of a transparent Transit Commission similar to the Airport Commission, responsible to keep in mind there is a limit to the depth of the local taxpayers’ pockets in the operation of the system.

D) Appoint a committee to explore ways and means of giving our seniors the opportunity to remain in their homes as long as possible and secondly, to remain in their community where they have lived their lives.

E) Establish a committee to explore more creativity and encourage better use of our website, our Radio and TV Stations, and all forms of social media for the betterment of our community.

F) Much work has been done in the past couple of years but there is a need to continue to explore cooperative ways with some of the downtown business owners to encourage the cleanup of eyesore buildings and in the removal of unsightly weeds on the empty lots that line the highway routes through town.