Cache Creek council holds short but sweet regular meeting

Cache Creek council holds short but sweet regular meeting

There was little to discuss at the April 27 meeting before council moved in camera

After cancelling the regular meeting scheduled for April 14 due to a lack of pressing matters to discuss, all five members of Cache Creek council were present (Coun. Annette Pittman via telephone) for the meeting of April 27, which began at 4:30 p.m.

There were no delegations and no business arising from the minutes of the regular council meeting on March 23. There were no committee meetings or reports, although Coun. Wendy Coomber noted, under Economic Development, that COVID-19 restrictions would be lifted at some point, and that she hoped the Village would be prepared to get its businesses kick-started and back on the road to recovery.

Council gave final consideration and adoption to the amended water rates bylaw, 2020. Coun. Lisa Dafoe asked about the status of water restrictions in the Village, and CAO Martin Dalsin said that water restrictions had been in place for several days, although some people were still irrigating. He noted that a mail-drop was considered, but that since many people are only visiting the post office once a week to collect mail, Public Works crew would be going door-to-door to inform residents of the need to restrict water usage, including not watering lawns or washing vehicles. (Water restrictions were lifted as of May 4.)

Coomber noted that the Emergency Operations Centre team had been activated, and Mayor Santo Talarico said that the Cache Creek Fire Department had been out and about, attending to fires and helping with sandbagging. “We’re thankful for having the 15 members that we have.”

Talarico also thanked the various government agencies that have provided assistance during the recent flooding, as well as Coomber, Peters, and Dafoe for going “above and beyond their elected platform to provide a service to the citizens of Cache Creek.” He also thanked all the Village staff, the CAO, and the CFO, and Coomber then noted that Talarico had been on the scene himself.

There was no information correspondence or new business, and no questions from the public or press. The meeting moved in-camera at 4:38 p.m.

All minutes and agendas for Cache Creek council meetings can be found on the Village’s website at The next scheduled meeting of council is on Monday, May 11 at 7 p.m.

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