Cache Creek pushes again for bridge widening

Cache Creek Council responded to the Ministry's new transportation plan by reminding the them that the narrow bridge is holding up progress.

Cache Creek Council sensed a glimmer of hope in the provincial government’s new transportation plan, B.C. on the Move.

The Village has been asking to have the small bridge on Hwy 97 at the north end of town widened to four lanes for several years now. When the Cariboo Connector was announced in 2005, widening the bridge was listed as being a Phase 1 project. But it fell off the page and now Phase 2 is about to start, along with a major paving project in town..

Mayor John Ranta introduced the topic at the March 23 Council meeting, saying that he didn’t see any mention of small projects in the Plan but hoped that “Maybe since we lobbied so hard there would be mention of the Bonaparte Bridge and what an impediment it is to economic development in Cache Creek.”

And there, on page 27 of the plan, is a picture with a caption stating: The Province will work with local governments, including Cache Creek and Quesnel, to identify future projects priorities to improve safety and reduce traffic congestion through their communities.”

“The only thing we’ve lobbied hard for is four-laning the bridge,” he said.

Council approved a motion to have the Village administration contact Ministry of Transportation and reference the caption “and say we’re happy to discuss our project priorities with them” as a way of keeping the project on the “front burner” with the Ministry.