Cache Creek reconsiders and sponsors Ashcroft Rodeo

Delegation from Ashcroft Rodeo committee asks Cache Creek Council to change its mind.

Cache Creek Council agreed to provide a donation to the Ashcroft Rodeo after a delegation of Ernie Dobson, Linda Holland and Leeanne Lamha asked them to reconsider.

Dobson told Council at its May 14 meeting that they weren’t expecting Cache Creek’s decision not to donate this year.

“We would like you to take a second look at this, at least for this year, and come up with something,” he said.

Cache Creek has donated $500 for the past several years. They agreed to do so again this year.

Dobson reminded them that people who come to see the rodeo spend money in town for meals, hotels and gas. It is also a big fundraiser for several local service groups like Rotary, Lions, Cadets and 4-H.

“In view of the fact this is their 50th anniversary, I would be willing to reconsider,” said Coun. Herb Hofer.

Coun. Wyatt McMurray said this was Council’s first attempt to “tighten its belt” and was “akin   to firing a shot over the bow to let you know we have to start tightening up.” He said he was surprised that support for the donation wasn’t approved. “We all need to really understand we don’t have the money we used to.”

The motion to fund a Platinum sponsorship passed unanimously.