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Cache Creek residents urged to conserve water as flood assessment underway

Village says water and sewer systems under ‘extreme stress’ due to flooding
The junction of Highways 1 and 97 in Cache Creek on May 3. Both highways have now reopened to single-lane, alternating traffic. (Photo credit: Keith Bevan)

Assessment is now underway of the damage caused by severe flooding in Cache Creek, and while tap water in the community is safe to drink, residents are being asked to limit their water use until further notice.

On the afternoon of Friday, May 5 the village requested that residents limit their water use to cooking, drinking, and personal hygiene only, in order to reduce the pressure on its infrastructure.

“Our water and sewer systems are under extreme stress at this time,” said a statement issued by the village.

“Every drop of water we can conserve and every flush we can prevent helps keep these systems functioning. These items are critical to public safety and fire protection.”

The statement noted that the water treated by the village’s water treatment plant is safe to consume and does not need to be boiled: “It is important to note there are no concerns with water potability at this time. This is not a boil water advisory.”

Both highways through the community have been reopened to single-lane, alternating traffic with a pilot car. However, travellers are being advised that this situation could change rapidly and without notice if more flooding takes place. Anyone driving through town needs to slow down, drive with care, and watch for heavy equipment working on the roads.

The flow of water through the Cache Creek fire hall has been halted, although the culvert at Quartz Road remains blocked. Stage Road is closed between Quartz Road and Maclean Crescent to all but emergency vehicles and residents accessing their homes. This is to facilitate the passage of emergency vehicles, not because of potential flooding.

The Todd Road bridge remains closed, and people are being advised to stay away from that area and not try to access the bridge on foot. The temporary road on the former Cache Creek drive-in property west of Highway 97 below the veterinary clinic is for emergency vehicles only, and the gate there is now locked.

Twenty-two properties are on evacuation order, and a further 11 are on evacuation alert. RCMP and private security are monitoring the properties in question throughout the day and night.

Electricity has been restored to the post office, while Cache Creek Elementary School plans to reopen on Monday (May 8). A statement from School District No. 74 states that buses will be running as normal on Monday, but that any family who has issues getting their child to school should contact the school.

The statement also notes that due to the large amounts of debris and water, parents/guardians whose children walk to school should ensure that they have a safe route by which to do so.

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