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Convicted sex offender to be released in Vancouver, police warn

Skylar Wayne Pelletier, 24, poses a risk to women in the community, Vancouver police say

A B.C. sex offender is set to be released in Vancouver, prompting a warning from police about the risk he may pose to women in the region.

Skylar Wayne Pelletier, 24, is currently serving a five-year supervision order for sexual assault and break and enter.

Although he is being allowed to live in the city, Pelletier has been ordered to comply with a number of conditions.

Among them, Pelletier must reside at a residential facility or correctional centre. He also isn’t allowed to purchase or consume alcohol or drugs, must comply with a 6 p.m. curfew and must take all medications as directed by a health-care worker.

Pelletier is also prohibited from associating with the victim or victim’s family and isn’t allowed in Salish Park in Chilliwack. He is further required to report any contact he has with females to his parole supervisor.

Pelletier is described as 6’2” with a heavy build, short black hair and brown eyes.

The Vancouver Police Department previously announced Pelletier was being released into the region back in September 2021. He has since been charged with violating the conditions of that release in connection with an incident in Chilliwack on Oct. 8, 2022.

VPD says anyone who witnesses Pelletier violating the conditions of this most recent release should call 911.

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