Flood damage repairs will be costly

ESS Director estimates half a million dollars needed just for residential aid.

BlackPress4Good and the United Way have been collecting donations for the victims of the May 23 flash flood in Cache Creek. As of Tuesday morning, $108,130 had been collected.

Seventy-seven homes were affected and four families still remain living in motel rooms. Although many residents have returned to their houses, ESS Director and Cache Creek Councillor Lisa Dafoe estimates that several will need new hot water tanks and furnaces, and most affected homes will need between $20-$40,000 in repairs.

Half a million for residential relief, is her guess.

At least one home owner has had his application for Disaster Financial Assistance (DFA) denied. And if approved, DFA only covers up to 80 per cent of specific rooms in the house.

Cache Creek Councillor Wyatt McMurray suspects there will be more denials.

“I think as a Council we should be extending our hand to help them plead their appeals rather than forgetting about them,” he said. “We need to get that out there.”

The fundraising is already in place, he said, but “I think there’s a political piece to it. I think there are some who have probably been denied who would rather walk away from it than appeal. I’m not suggesting we give them money, but what little political clout we have to help them appeal…”

Businesses and groups who have made substantial donations include: United Steelworkers Local 7619 and 1-417, Constantia HDI, United Way,  IG Machine & Fibre, Husky, Graymount Western, King Enterprises Ltd., North Eastern Enterprises, Cache Creek Veterinary, Desert Hills Ranch, Ashcroft 7th Day Adventists, Pacific Bentonite, Ashcroft & District Lions, and Royal LePage.

The McGinley Family Troupe from Barkerville’s Theatre Royal performed a benefit for Cache Creek at Exeter Hall in 100 Mile House on June 5. The one night show and auction raised $6,122! Leslie Alexander and WRAPS raised over $2,000 on May 29, there is another benefit in Logan Lake on June 19 and the Village of Cache Creek is planning one in July.

Go to www.cachecreekvillage.com if you wish to donate.