Greyhound cuts continue

Cache Creek Council tells Greyhound where it can trim.

Greyhound Bus is proposing more cuts their its routes in BC, leaving Cache Creek Council resigned to the fact that the town could lose another scheduled stop.

“Now they appear interested in reducing northbound trips to PG from three trips to two trips per day,” noted former Greyhound Bus driver John Ranta at Cache Creek’s Oct. 9 Council meeting.

The notice from Greyhound did not indicate which of Cache Creek’s three northbound departure times it was considering eliminating, so Council chose the most inconvient 2:40 am departure from Cache Creek.

“We should consider writing to  the BC Transportation Bd. that if company is intent on reducing trips, to maintain the  mid-afternoon route,” Ranta said to Council.

“It wouldn’t hurt to write a letter but they’re going to do it, anyway,” said Coun. Herb Hofer.

“I suspect they’ll get approval,” said Ranta, “but one may be able to influence which run is cut.”

“Is there any chance of getting the BX Stage back?” asked Coun. Darrell Rawcliffe.

At its Oct. 11 board of directors meeting, the TNRD also voted to send a letter to the BC Passenger Transportation Board “expressing extreme disappointment” regarding the proposed reduction of Greyhound service “and the continued erosion of services to rural communities.”

The TNRD will also send a letter to the Province requesting that Greyhound’s monopoly on bus transportation be reviewed with a focus on local solutions.

This is the second major cut to BC routes by Greyhound in recent years. The villages, local seniors’ association and other groups wrote to oppose the cuts, but they were carried out anyway.