Help rid the world of landmines

Rebuilding a country can be as easy as joining us on Tues., March 1 for dinner.

  • Feb. 7, 2011 3:00 p.m.

Rebuilding a country can be as easy as joining us on Tues., March 1 for dinner.

In 1997, Princess Diana put on a demining jacket and took the landmine issue from the editorial page to the front page. Her tireless crusade to eliminate the devastation caused by landmines became infectious. Two years later the Ottawa Treaty was signed with the support of 156 countries.

This dinner marks the Treaty’s anniversary and is sponsored by the United Church, Rotary International and the Royal Canadian Legion Br. 113.

In Bosnia and Herzegovina, as in many countries, mine removal is the first and vital step toward a clean and productive environment, enabling civilians to reclaim their land from the hidden terror of landmines and rebuild their economy.

Mine Detection Dogs provide one of the best and safest ways of finding and removing landmines. Canine Demine is a program that turns ordinary German Shepherds into extraordinary deminers. After training, these dogs can identify the location of mines without coming into direct contact with them. They can smell an explosive charge up to 20 inches below the surface even in non-metallic or plastic containers. A Canadian trained Mine Detection Dog has never been killed in the line of duty.

Proceeds and donations from this fundraising dinner will be sent to Canadian Landmine Foundation for use in training of Mine Detection dogs.

This is an alcohol-free event. Doors at the Legion open at 5 pm and the roast beef dinner is served at 6. There will be a presentation afterwards.