Kirkpatrick receives French Legion of Honour medal

Ashcroft World War II veteran receives a gift of gratitude from France.

Jack Kirkpatrick lays a Remembrance Day wreath in Ashcroft

Jack Kirkpatrick lays a Remembrance Day wreath in Ashcroft

World War II veteran John Westley (Jack) Kirkpatrick was recently honoured with the French Legion of Honour for his service during WW2. Kirkpatrick landed on Juno Beach with his comrades during the Allies’ D-Day invasion of France.

Kirkpatrick was nominated for the medal by his son-in-law, John Desrosiers.

Kirkpatrick is a pioneer of Ashcroft and his ancestors were founders of this town. His father had the first claim of mineral for Highland Valley, Claim No 1, and his mother Reta was the daughter of Oliver Evans who was one of the town’s three founders.

This distinction is the highest national order of France and illustrates “the profound gratitude that France would like to express to you. It is awarded in recognition of your personal involvement in the liberation of our country during WWII. Through you, France remembers the sacrifice of all of your compatriots who came to liberate French soil,” read a letter from the French ambassador that accompanied the award.