Lake says decision coming

Minister of Environment says one to two months for decision on Metro Vancouver's Solid Waste Management Plan.

New Environment Minister Terry Lake told a delegation of local leaders that they should have a decision on Metro Vancouver’s Solid Waste Management Plan within the next two months.

At the half hour meeting in Victoria on Apr. 18, Lake met with representatives from Cache Creek, Ashcroft, the Ashcroft Indian Band and the Bonaparte Indian Band. He also had meetings with other groups with opinions on MV’s Plan, which favours the use of waste to energy incinerators and shipping waste to the US while the incinerators are being built.

“I believe he heard us,” said Mayor John Ranta.

They talked about the “significant First Nation objection to the landfill” and the Throne Speech announcement that banned waste export to the US.

Lake advised them that the government cannot legally prohibit shipping garbage to the US under the terms of the North American Free Trade Agreement.

“I’m confident that he understands the importance of jobs in the Interior,” said Ranta, even though the government may feel obligated to allow waste export.

“I believe there will continue to be a landfill presence in the community,” Ranta told a Town Hall meeting last week, “whether it services MV or other communities remains to be seen.”