Interior Health Executive and Board members visited St. Bartholomew’s Health Centre in Lytton last week

Interior Health Executive and Board members visited St. Bartholomew’s Health Centre in Lytton last week

Lytton discusses health needs, concerns

CEO officials met with Lytton citizens to hear about the community's healthcare concerns and questions.

Bernie Fandrich

Key personnel from Interior Health were in Lytton for a familiarization tour of Lytton’s St. Bartholomew’s Health Centre and to meet with the Health Care Auxiliary last week.

The productive meeting was held at the request of the new CEO for Interior Health, Chris Mazurkewich, and Board Chair Erwin Malzer. Accompanying the executives were Interior Health personnel who look after day-to-day operations of various centres in the region.

The visitors toured the Lytton facility to better understand the scope of services that are offered in Lytton, and the needs of the community. Issues identified included such things as the lack of communication between the regional office and Lytton’s Health Centre regarding available services. The need to maintain Lab and X-ray capability was also emphasized. Lytton’s location on busy Highway 1 results in many highway accidents coming to the Centre for treatment, or for stabilization prior to a transfer out of town.

Other issues such as the availability of respite services, lack of a community nurse for home visits, and the needs of the residents in the assisted living quarters were examined.

The Lytton Health Care Auxiliary has raised $26,000, a few dollars at a time, by events such as Strawberry Teas, and through donations from groups and individuals over the past few years. The 21 members are especially proud of their 50 per cent contribution towards a cardiac vital sign monitor that was unveiled at the meeting.

The monitor, dubbed the space lab, enables a patient in Lytton to have his or her cardiac rhythm monitored in real time by a specialist in Kamloops or Kelowna. This assists the local doctor to make the best decisions regarding the treatment or transport of a patient.

Auxiliary President Irene Steer, Vice President Peggy Chute, and Treasurer Jo Johnson are extremely pleased to have had the Interior Health personnel visit the Lytton facility. The Auxiliary meets on the first Monday of the month, and new members are always welcome.