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Lytton's River Festival outdoes itself

Now in it's 12th year, Lytton's River Festival is overflowing with great things to see and do.
This year’s annual Lytton River Festival continues to grow in events that celebrate the people who live at the junction of the Thompson and Fraser Rivers. Above

The annual Lytton River Festival has grown slowly over its 12 years, adding and deleting activities, to where it now offers three full days of great music, entertainment and activities from roaming circus performers to the premiere of Kevin Loring’s Battle of the Birds and more.

On Friday, there was music and geo caching, with Saturday diving into time tested activities like the climbing wall, the fire dancer, Circus West and more music.

This year over a dozen First Nations’ artisans shared their art of soapstone carving, beading, pine needle weaving, drum making and more as part of the activities on Sunday, which also included Battle of the Birds, created and performed in Lytton for the Festival.