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Major Canadian chain digs B.C. product

Canadian Tire now selling TNB Naturals
Based in Vernon, TNB Naturals’ owners Travis Rypkema and Josh Brazier, are excited to see their product hit Canadian Tire shelves. (Contributed)

A local product has secured a spot on shelves across the country at a major retailer.

Canadian Tire has picked up Vernon-based TNB Naturals, led by CEO/owner and founder Travis Rypkema, along with co-owner Josh Brazier and sales specialist Daryll Antonishak.

The plant product was started 14 years ago and the latest achievement marks a significant milestone in the wake of the passing of Mindert Rypkema, former production foreman and Travis’s father.

Known for their revolutionary CO2 generator, The Enhancer, TNB Naturals’ product lineup now includes an eco-friendly refill pack and granular pH Up and Down.

The product line offers a comprehensive solution for nurturing healthy and thriving plants as CO2, often overlooked as an essential fundamental of plant growth, is crucial for photosynthesis and maximizing yields.

“Being part of Canadian Tire’s offerings is massive for TNB,” said Rypkema and Brazier, expressing their gratitude for the milestone. “It’s a testament to the quality and effectiveness of our products, and we’re incredibly grateful for the opportunity to reach even more growers across the country. With Canadian Tire’s reputation for excellence and our commitment to innovation, it’s a perfect match.”

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