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Numerous TNRD evacuation orders rescinded

Including South Green Lake (Sept. 12), West of Eagan Lake, Sharpe Lake area and Deadman-Vidette area

The Thompson-Nicola Regional District is rescinding a number of evacuation orders, some effective immediately and some as of 3 p.m. tomorrow (Sept. 12). The affected areas include West of Eagan Lake, Sharpe Lake and the Deadman Vidette (effective immediately) and South of Green Lake (tomorrow).

According to the releases, while the Elephant Hill Wildfire remains active in some areas of the Thompson-Nicola region, but the imminent threat posed by the fire has currently diminished to the point that property owners in these areas can return to their properties.

Green Lake properties that will be no longer under an evacuation order as of 3 p.m. Sept. 12, include 83 to 109 Boulder Place, 81 to 1400 Green Lake South Road, 3640, 3673, 3677, 3693, 3741, 3828, 3980, 4000, 4100, 4110, 4385 and 4700 North Bonaparte Road, 1 to 23 Point Road and 115 to 169 Crest Road (see release).

The properties on which the order is lifted effective immediately, include 6385 and 7665 Eagan Lake Road, 7550, 7660 and 7900 Bonaparte-Young Lake FSR, 7700 Eagan Lake Road, 1885, 2220, 3050 Eagan-Bonaparte Lake FSR, 7480, 7380, 7381 North Bonaparte Road, 8233 Sharpe Lake Access No 1 Road, 1780 to 2265 Sharpe Lake Road, 1820, 1861 to 1885 Taylor Road, 7888 and 8396 Clinton-Upper Loon Lake FSR, 7824 to 10020 Deadman-Vidette Road (see release).

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