Police Report – holiday plans redirected by police stops

The weekly crime blotter from the Ashcroft RCMP Detachment.

Perils of winter travel

Dec. 19 at 7:24 pm police received a call regarding a male hitchhiker on Hwy 97 who appeared intoxicated. RCMP located the 37 year old man from the Bonaparte community near the junction with Hwy 99. He advised that he was trying to catch a ride to Canim Lake, and that he was having trouble finding the fog line dividing the shoulder from the highway because of the snow covering. He was slightly intoxicated, but able to continue on his way.

Car ownership disputed

Dec. 20 at 11:06 am a 42 year old Ashcroft man called to complain that his ex-girlfriend had stolen his car from his residence on the Ashcroft Reserve, and that it was the fourth time she had done so. He believed she was on her way to Kamloops when she texted him to say he would never get his car back again. The 35 year old Kamloops woman had keys and full access to the vehicle, and it was determined not to be a police matter, but rather a civil one.

Evicted and unhappy

Dec. 20 at 10:39 pm a landlord in Ashcroft called to complain that she could hear loud noises coming from one of the apartments and believed that one of her tenants was causing property damage and most likely intoxicated because he was being evicted the following day. The 30 year old male was located in his apartment, filled with boxes. He was quite upset to be facing the prospect of being homeless, but co-operative with police and agreed to calm down.

Windshield crud

Dec. 21 at 1:50 pm police received a complaint from an Ashcroft driver that a gray Toyota had cut him off on Hwy 97C at Hwy 1 and sprayed mud on his windshield making it impossible to see. The other driver – another Ashcroft resident – was located and given a verbal warning.

Inexperienced with snow

Dec. 21 at 2:57 pm police received another driving complaint from a transport truck driver who stated that he was travelling on Hwy 1 northbound into Cache Creek, following a small bus who was straddling both lanes making it impossible for him to pass. The bus was located at the Husky in Cache Creek and the driver, a 53 year old Vancouver man, said he was driving on the cleared portion of the highway and that he didn’t usually drive outside of Vancouver.

Dusted by gravel truck

Dec. 21 at 3:42 pm police attended a single vehicle accident on Hwy 1 near Cornwall Rd. where a 64 year old Salmon Arm man complained that he was northbound on Hwy 1 when he encountered a Highways truck whose spinner was “going full blast” and caused windshield damage.

Anticipating trouble

Dec. 21 at 4 pm an Ashcroft landlord called to report that a former tenant had called to say that he was coming back to feed some animals that he’d left behind. The man had been evicted about a month earlier. She wanted him charged with trespassing and theft for some items she said went missing when he left, but the former tenant didn’t attend the premises, and neither did police.

Just a little speeding

Dec. 22 at 11:15 am while on a routine patrol near Hat Creek Road, an officer noticed a vehicle travelling at a high rate of speed. The Chevy Cruze was travelling at 156 kph in the 100 kph zone. The driver, a 23 year old man from New Aiyansh, said he was driving to Terrace, and he thought he was only going 120 or so. He was given a ticket for excessive speed and his vehicle was impounded for seven days. He and his passenger, a seven month old infant, were given a ride to the Greyhound Bus station in Cache Creek.

Go to Jail

Dec. 23 at 1 pm officers stopped a vehicle on Hwy 1 near Cornwall Rd. The driver, a 22 year old Dawson Creek man, was found to be a prohibited driver. He had an invalid Drivers License, no insurance and a warrant for this arrest. He was arrested, charged with driving while prohibited, and his vehicle was impounded. His male passenger was given a ride to the Greyhound Bus station in Cache Creek so he could continue his trip to Victoria.