Police Report – up in flames, close call with truck

The weekly crime blotter from the Ashcroft RCMP Detachment.

Bags looking for owners

Feb. 13 staff at the Catholic church in Cache Creek reported that two bags had been left in their parking lot on Stage Rd. around 4-5 pm on Feb. 11. Neither appeared to be donations to the church. One of the bags had what looked like a tent in it. There was no description of the second bag’s contents. One of the bags had a bus ticket on it showing that it originated in Vancouver and its destination was Cache Creek. The bags are still at the church if anyone would like to claim them.

Family disturbance

Feb. 13 at 8 pm police responded to a family disturbance at an Ashcroft residence. The 13 year old female had calmed down upon police arrival. Police determined that the disturbance was a family issue, not a police matter, although the Ministry of Children and Family Services was notified.

Neighbour dispute

Feb. 14 at 5 pm police assisted an Ashcroft resident with a neighbour dispute after a verbal argument between two neighbours. One of the neighbours felt threatened by the argument, but had calmed down by the time police arrived.

Pickup truck ignites

Feb. 15 at 10:30 pm police assisted the Cache Creek Fire Dept. with a vehicle fire on Coyote Valley Rd. Approximately 30 minutes after the owner parked the truck at his residence, the 69 year old man noticed flames coming through the front grill of his 1992 Ford F150 pickup. He called for the fire dept., but the truck was a writeoff. Nothing else was damaged. The cause of thefire was deemed non-suspicious.

Car clips transport truck

Feb. 17 at 1 pm police received a complaint of an erratic northbound driver. The 2013 Honda Civic clipped a semi truck that it was passing on a double solid line on Hwy 1 north of Spences Bridge. The move resulted in minor damage to both vehicles as the car pulled in too close in front of the truck. The car kept driving and was intercepted south of Cache Creek. The driver, a 21 year old Prince George man, was issued a ticket for driving without consideration and for failing to display his N as a new driver. He apologized to the officer for failing to stop. There were no injuries.