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Questions and answers with Cache Creek mayoral candidate Annette Pittman

‘Ability to build good relationships with our neighbouring communities’
Cache Creek mayoral candidate Annette Pittman. (Photo credit: Submitted)

Four candidates are vying for the mayor’s chair in Cache Creek, and the Journal sent the same questions to all four candidates, asking for their replies.

Annette Pittman is one of the Cache Creek mayoral candidates.

1. Tell us a bit about yourself (i.e. background, previous experience in local government). Annette is a long-time resident of Cache Creek and a proud member of the Cache Creek business community, where her family operated a business for over 60 years. This will be Annette’s third term running for council. In addition to serving two terms as an elected councillor. Annette completed a Master’s in Business at Simon Fraser University; combined with 30 years of business experience in accounting and financial management, Annette has what it takes to change the village into a prosperous and vibrant town.

2. What do you see as the biggest issue facing the community and how do you intend to tackle it? Accountability, transparency, financial responsibility, open communication, and leadership. Balanced budget, reduce expenses, and in time reduce taxes and utility rates. Seek out financial resources to ensure our future, building relationships with our neighbouring communities, and public input for shaping our future community activities for all ages, youth, and seniors. Government transparency with good governance policies, i.e. Code of Conduct policy, Code of Ethics policy, Conflict of Interest policy, and training to ensure we are accountable to the boss: the public.

3. What type of development would you like to see in your community, and what steps would you take to attract it? Open community town hall meetings to listen and act on the outcomes of the decisions of what the community wants to pursue in the best interests of the community as a whole. Together we can make it happen!

4. If elected, what is the most relevant skill or experience you can contribute to council? Perseverance, dedication, knowledge, and history as a life-long resident of Cache Creek, a Master’s Degree in Business Administration from SFU, and over 30 years’ work experience in accounting and financial management. Successful family businesses operating for over 60 years in Cache Creek. Ability to build good relationships with our neighbouring communities and being a First Nations member of the Ashcroft Indian Band and contacts with the Bonaparte Indian Band will allow us to bridge our talks with future benefits and prosperity for all of our communities together. Vote for real change, your vote has power to build the future of Cache Creek! We are here for you, working together with your help we can make it happen! Vote Annette Pittman for mayor on Oct. 15.

General voting day is Saturday, Oct. 15, with advance voting days in Cache Creek on Oct. 5, 11, 12, and 13 (at the Cache Creek village office) and Oct. 7 (at the Ashcroft Hospital and Health Site). For more information, go to

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