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Second chance for grants announced

Initial deadline of Aug. 2 left Village fearing a grant application would not be in time.

A second intake of applications for the Community Infrastructure Improvement Fund has been announced, with a deadline of Nov. 19, 2012.

As reported in the “Ashcroft Council Briefs” article in last week’s edition of the Journal, up to $36 million is being made available throughout the province, with a maximum of $250,000 available in each community for “shovel ready” projects.

The grant application deadline was Aug. 2, and it was originally announced that a second intake would only occur if there were funds remaining after the first round of grants had been awarded.

However, the second intake in November will be of assistance to communities worried that the Aug. 2 deadline did not allow enough time to prepare an application. There may be additional intakes after Nov. 19, if there are funds remaining.

Among the projects being considered by the Village of Ashcroft are new safety ladders at the pool, better access for seniors to the second floor of the Village Office, a new furnace in the Community Hall, and a new furnace and air conditioning for the Ashcroft Museum.

Barbara Roden