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Sept. 11: Crews scanning for priorities on Elephant Hill fire

‘That’s always a good sign’

Crews are looking for scanning area priorities on the Elephant Hill fire, says Fire Information Officer Noelle Kekula.

“That’s always a good sign that we’re looking to extinguish more and more hotspots. That’s always a good sign that shows that it may not grow any more - may not. We’re cautiously optimistic that the weather is finally going to cooperate. We were seeing winds on the fire yesterday. We saw flame again but nothing that challenged us.”

She says it’s probably still too cold out for much in terms of flames this morning but won’t know for sure until later today. There’s been no precipitation on the east flank and about an average of one mm on the north, she says.

The communications team is switching over tomorrow and despite the cold, they’ll be continuing to tent.

“We are all prepared to stay in tents for the next 14 days with the new team … You just gotta plan for it right,” she says.

Unless the camp itself starts to be impacted by the fire, in terms of things like water lines freezing, they’ll just be packing warm clothes, she says.

“That’s what we do.”