Speed limit raised on Hwy 1

Cache Creek's campaign for raising the speed limit on Hwy 1 finally pays off.

The speed limit on the 90 kph parts of Hwy 1 between Cache Creek and Kamloops were raised to 100 kph on May 23, it was pointed out by Cache Creek Mayor John Ranta at the May 28 Council meeting.

The speed limit through Savona through to the top of the 6 Mile Hill remain at 90 kph, but the rest of the stretch, from the gas station to Kamloops, is 100 kph.

Cache Creek has been lobbying for years to have the speed limit changed, and has gathered letters of support from the Village of Ashcroft, the Skeetchestn Indian Band and the TNRD. Their request has been turned down int he past, but this time it was approved.

Ranta has observed in the past that the 90 kph part of the highway poses a safety risk as drivers get frustrated by the lower speed limit and try to pass when it is unsafe to do so.

Ashcroft RCMP Sgt. Michel Grondin says the raise in speed limit is probably a good sign. “It’s usually done when it’s considered a low vehicle crash area,” he said. “Let’s hope that it stays that way.”