Town prepares for legal action against derelict building

Cache Creek Mayor says legal action against the Oasis Plaza would be the best course of action for the Village.

The deadline for the Oasis Plaza has come and gone without a satisfactory reply.

“I believe our best course of action is through the courts,” said Cache Creek Mayor John Ranta after the Oct. 24 Council meeting. He would not comment on it further.

The building’s owner, Joe Carhoun, was given until Oct. 23 – a month – to answer Council’s request for access to inspect his building.

Ranta said Carhoun replied the day following the deadline, but did not reveal the nature of the reply.

“He did not provide voluntary access by that date,” said Ranta.

Council said it would apply to the courts for an entry warrant if Carhoun did not allow them access. Ranta said they were told it would take about two weeks to get the warrant.

Council sent a letter to Carhoun on Sept. 23 demanding access so they could inspect the building  and determine whether it should be renovated or removed.