Bad smell needs a closer look

Should we be worried about that bad smell outside?

Dear Editor

Responding to Karla Cummins letter from the Feb 14 issue, I agree with her that the smell of the creosote is something to be concerned about. I have noticed the smell occasionally over the years and whenever I raised the subject to other community members, it was usually met with a nonchalant attitude, or sometimes with total ignorance of the phenomenon. I don’t know how bad it is for our health to be breathing in those fumes, but I would welcome some study on the matter. Personally, whenever I notice the fumes outside, I shut my doors and windows and refuse to let the kids play out in the yard. If I have to put out the garbage and I notice the fumes, I hold my breath until I get back inside my house. That smell is so foul, it seems to me it can’t be good to be breathing it in.

Denise Tapia