Concerns over water treatment plant

A writer has questions about the proposed Ashcroft treatment plant

Dear Editor,

Copy of a letter to the B.C. Ombudsperson

We have been told by Interior Health and a private engineering firm (Urban Systems) that we need a water treatment plant, when all water test results are below provincial guidelines. The reasoning we are told is for the chance of protozoa in the water, which has not been tested for. This organism grows in stagnant water, not the Thompson River.

We are offered a $5.8 million grant, in addition to which the Village council wants to borrow $4.1 million. We attended town hall meetings to voice our concerns but the council seems enamoured with the possible grant money. We asked for meeting minutes and were told they don’t keep them.

We are concerned that we don’t have more than the one quote for the engineering. Another concern is the aging water infrastructure that needs some work where funds would be put to better use.

Ray Bewza