Conserve now before we’re forced to

Reader encourages others to conserve and recycle without having to be told.

Dear Editor

Village Issues. Water. Air. Garbage. Sewer. Water. Power. What (total) cost to the village water meters versus simply putting in a booster pump?)

Backyard burning. Simple – anyone check out the total volume of toxic gases produced from backyard burning versus landfill or composting? Add to that eco-cost of transportation of garden rubbish.

Garbage. New Truck. New Bins. What about the admin costs? What about the new roadworks required to accommodate this new Titan?

Sewer-Water. Last issue of University of Alberta “Contours” asks “Why do we use ~300 litres of costly treated water to flush our toilets when we only need ~30 litres to drink, wash and bathe with?

Power. Smart Meters, my foot. Who pays for the power to run the meters? The twitchy things are already suspect in causing electrical fires. Other municipalities have banned them altogether. Water meters will be worse. Too bad we will all have to pay, one way or another, far into the future. Decent people will always tend to conserve.

Marcus Lowe