Councillor distances himself from errors

Cache Creek Councillor Herb Hofer reminds readers that he was not part of the Council that last week's letter writer refers to.

Dear Editor

Re: Village shortcuts wastes tax dollars, Aug. 7.

For the record, I was never part of the “Great White Elephant” excursion the writer alludes to.

I also had no part in paying a contractor in “full” before – in this case our $2 million water plant – it was fully operational and commissioned, and it will be a “frosty Friday in July” in Cache Creek before this happens on my watch.

But, having said this, ALL of council can be replaced in about three months [Ed. Note: Local Government elections will be held Nov. 15].

I, for one, intend to let my name stand for re-election in November.

Herb Hofer

Cache Creek