Home renovations are a way of life

Wendy Coomber reflects on the joys of home ownership

Aside from the still occasional Monsoon, summertime is here in all of its sunny, heat-stroke glory.

Despite being huddled in our winter coats under the Cover-All in the Cache Creek Park on Sunday night to welcome the Communities in Bloom judges to “sunny” Cache Creek, I’m going to stick my neck out and predict that we’ll have nothing but beautiful weather from now until Labour Day – which is not all that far away.

The rain has to give way to our lovely desert summer at some point, right? It has to make up for our soggy, dismal spring, right?

I’ve never seen rain fall so hard (or so cold) here as it did Sunday night. The noise of it hitting the roof of the Cover-All drowned out just about everything except conversation with the person sitting next to you – as long as they were speaking loudly!

All I could think of was: I’m so glad the paving work in the yard is finished, because it’s impossible to lay down pavers when it’s raining like that. For almost six weeks starting with the end of May, it rained nearly every day, and we have the mosquito and blackfly to prove it. The wet weather has been brutal on outdoor plans up until recently.

Now that I have a beautiful patio area to sit back and enjoy the remainder of the summer, I’ll still be working on the last of the outdoor renovations for the year.

I get no sympathy. Everyone I whine to tells me: “Be happy it’s getting done now. I started on mine 10 years ago and I’m still waiting…”

Tool Man is already talking about next year’s long list of renovations!

No, no, next year is when we’ll finally be able to enjoy the results of this year’s renovations. Hopefully the greenhouse will be built this fall (as planned – ha!) and the huge pile of dirt will be gone from the middle of the abandoned vegetable garden so I can play in my backyard next summer.

I’ve had enough of renovations for now. I was lured here with the promise of long, hot summers, and I intend to collect. But… an inground pool would be nice…

Wendy Coomber is Editor of The Ashcroft-Cache Creek Journal